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Tema: God´s Jesus Memo (End of Time)

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    God´s Jesus Memo (End of Time)


    All things born, grow, reproduce and die on the life circle again and again, since cause and effect how God’s Principle Rule of Creation. Was we known how Reincarnation Reborn like Learn Teach of all Life Form in Universe. The Final Victory of God’s Light Way of our creator Jehovah Life Path over Evil Satan’s Bad Dark Side come so soon.
    Our Creator Jehovah will Judge as by as acts convert the 7 Dimensions in the unique Celestial Dimension End of Time Sky Wisdom Supersouls for Earth Planet, with 144,000 Chosen Ones Angels Sacred Warriors of God with Master Jesus like The Paradise Guardians to good life faith souls, over the same in all life form of The Universe. Prize for as Brave Evolution Fight and Tremendous Punish Eternity Sulphur Lake Burn Pain of Dead One and Once again Second Death to Satanas (without their head by Jesus Sword Cut) and they followers (over K535 be like a silly thing)

    Some ones self ask why God not do as good fate rule?
    The Answer are God create The Free Good Will like as choice Faith Fight how Education Election over after many Life Circles Wise Tech for the chosen ones be come Regents of -New Born Galaxies- in Universe Growth.
    Jesus is not alone, have the Jehovah daughter like Magnify Warrior Spouse and Family include The Sacred Immortal Warriors Universe Guardians, was learn from the Highest Jehovah: The Perfection exist since their constant Search, consider War like throw to Trash Matter and Energy. What don’t understand let for meditation time pass, The Paradise are so beautiful but after long time some Civilizations will use the God’s Celestial Wise Tao own power deformation be like self believers more intelligent than God and as of course will Vaporizate It.

    In Peace and Love, The Creator Be with You!
    Sally,Wolf & Sons.

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    Recordatorio Celebración Pascuas!

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